Features To Help You Turn Links Into Powerful Growth Tools

Gather & Mine the Data

Retargeting Pixels

You don’t need a website to retarget. Add retargeting pixels from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Pinterest and Google AdWords to the short links you share. Retarget anyone who clicks your links with ads from any or all of the six social platforms.


Track clicks and conversions on shortened links you share, using well-rounded metrics. PixelJoy is fully GDPR compliant in collecting and storing data for analytics.

Conversion Pixel

Track Visitors’ interactions with the destination page for conversion insights.

Custom Tracking

Add custom tracking codes from Third-party analytics platforms such as Google Analytics for robust analytics.

Link Management from a Single Dashboard

Collaborate With Your Team

  • Team Workspaces & Access Levels

    Add team members as additional users. Create workspaces with folders dedicated to manage specific links sets accessible by permitted team members. You can also define access levels of each team member in a workspace.

  • Activity Audit Log

    Track and review changes made to links by each member of the team from the logged activity tab.

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)

    Prevent security compromise with two-step login verification.

Dedicated Support

  • Training Resource

    Tons of video tutorials and other knowledge materials to get you started.

  • Email Support

    Email support with less than 12 hours response time

  • Onboarding Assistance

    Direct training and dedicated engineer to help you onboard on PixelJoy and get you started with ease.

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