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Over 2,000 brands and marketers use PixelJoy to extend their market reach and manage all branded links in one place.

Join Thousands of Brands Taking Advantage of PixelJoy Beyond Shortening URL But for Retargeting People Who Click your Links. Add retargeting pixels from Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Quora, Pinterest and more!

  • Create and share custom short links
  • Add your CTA banner to ANY page you share
  • Retarget those who clicked shared links with Ads
  • Delete or edit destination URL of shared links anytime
  • Route users to specific destination URL based on their data and much more...
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Build Brand Equity with Branded Links

• Establish trust with your audience and increase better in-email deliverability by sharing branded links, rather than some suspicious-looking combination of letters as link.

• PixelJoy lets you create short links with your brand name using a custom URL. You can as well take advantage of this for SEO by including relevant keywords in links.

Targeted Traffic
Targeted Traffic

Do You Curate Contents for Your Audience? Get Rewarded with Targeted Traffic

• Add a Call-to-Action CTA to ANY Page You Share to drive targeted traffic to your site. Simply share curated or viral contents with branded short links in PixelJoy.

• Once you share, your CTA banner will be automatically displayed on the destination page. Everyone who lands on the page with your link sees the CTA banner.

Manage All Links In A Centralized Dashboard

• Create and edit branded links in bulk right from PixelJoy while keeping them organized with tags for easy search.

• You can set link expiration and edit destination URL if need arises right from PixelJoy dashboard without having to send out another link.

Targeted Traffic
Data well

Turn Links Into Data Well

• Add retargeting pixels to links to get clicks for pennies with retargeting social ads. Anyone who clicks is automatically looped into your marketing funnel.

• You can as well do an extensive tracking of links for valuable insights by adding custom UTM parameters to short links in PixelJoy, from analytics tools such as Google Analytics or KissMetric.

Example: Send people to Amazon from social media posts or paid ads and retarget them with ads afterwards.

There is More!

Team Collaboration

Add Team members onto your account and define their access level. Track team activities on account with Audit Log

Multiple Domains Management

Set-up and manage varieties of domain names in PixelJoy for custom short links. Encrypt with SSL certificates at no cost. Manage redirects.

Training & Support

All the support you need, from knowledge/training resources to email support and direct onboarding support.


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